Fort Collins Track Club

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DECEMBER 12, 14, 15, 19, 21, 29

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The Fort Collins Track Club

The Fort Collins Track Club (FCTC) is a 501(3) C non-profit organization and a club member of USA Track & Field (USATF) which is the national governing body of track and field. As a result of being a member of USATF, the FCTC is a competitive level club. The intent of the program is to provide proper training for the events of track & field, to engage in competition with other USATF clubs locally, regionally & nationally and to have fun. Athletes also gain valuable educational, social, and travel experiences while developing confidence and respect for themselves and others.

The Fort Collins Track Club was established in 1970. The club was coached by Earlie Thomas from 1979 until 1998 when John and Becky Smith assumed operations. In 2002 the club officially became a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and elected officers. Dennis Markham has served as head coach since 2003.

Fort Collins Track Club athletes have been very successful at state, regional and national competitions and many FCTC athletes have gone on to compete for various colleges and universities such as Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, University of Colorado, Wagner College (New York), Texas A&M, Pennsylvania University, University of New Mexico, Lewis College (Illinois), Stanford, Kansas, Northern Arizona, Lehigh University, and South Dakota State University. We encourage athletes to pursue academic achievement as well as athletic success.


Athletes must be registered with the FCTC in order to participate in practices or compete as FCTC members.. If an athlete is unsure they want to participate they will be allowed 2 practices to decide as long as the parent has signed a liability waiver. To register as a member of the FCTC, athletes and/or parents must submit a FCTC registration form, liability waiver, proof of age document (copy of birth certificate or drivers license), and uniform order form. Athletes must also become members of USATF which can be done during registration. USATF membership is included in the registration fee.


The registration fee is $175.00 per athlete per season. The registration fee is used to pay for USATF membership, shorts and singlet, entry fees for the meets, and administrative costs such as facility rental fees, club insurance, and equipment. USATF membership is good for one year so if athletes compete during both the indoor and outdoor seasons, $20.00 will be deducted from the outdoor fee. Also, uniforms may be used indefinitely so if an athlete has already purchased a uniform, the registration will be reduced by $20.00. For example, if an athlete is a current member of USATF and has a FCTC uniform the registration fee would be $135.00.

ll travel expenses to the meets are the responsibility of the athletes and parents.


Athletes are required to wear the FCTC uniform at the meets. Competition singlet is included with registration.

Coaches and other volunteers

All FCTC coaches and personnel are volunteers and have been actively involved with track and field either as an athlete and/or coach. Several FCTC coaches are certified USATF level I and level II coaches. Most are also certified USATF officials. All are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their potential by using age appropriate training programs and skill development techniques. For more information on coaches, check out the coaches profiles.

The FCTC hosts one indoor and one outdoor meet every year. This is currently the club’s only fund raising activity. Parent volunteers are vital to the success of these events. The FCTC also has responsibility for several duties during many of the other meets (e.g. hurdles, results/awards, etc.). We need volunteers to help out. Parents, please sign up to be a volunteer!


The Program

The FCTC competes during the indoor season which runs from mid December through early February and the outdoor season which runs from late May through early August. Meets are held along the front-range during the season along with regional and national meets at various locations. The FCTC does travel to out-of-state meets and athletes and their parents are generally responsible for transportation and lodging expenses for all meets although we try to provide assistance to those in need.

The program is for ages 8-18. Competition is by age division. The divisions are determined by the date of birth as of December 31 of the current year.

Bantam  8-10

Midget  11-12

Youth 13-14

Intermediate  15-16

Young Men & Women  17-18

High school athletes competing for their schools are eligible to compete for the FCTC after their school season is over. Junior high school athletes competing for their schools are eligible to compete for the FCTC before their school season is over, but must get permission from their junior high school coach in advance.


Practices during the outdoor season will be held at CSU Jack Christiansen Field, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Practices during the indoor season will be held at the CSU Field House Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. excluding the holidays.

Comfortable running shorts, t-shirt and warm-ups are adequate for practices. Running shoes that provide good arch support and fit well are very important to help prevent injuries. Track spikes are highly recommended for the meets and will also be used during practices. Athletes should bring their track spikes, water bottles and wear appropriate clothes to accommodate the conditions.

Athletes should be at practice and meets on time so not to create hardship for the entire team. Please note supervision is not provided before or after the designated practice hours.

Athletes will be expected to cooperate fully with the coaches during practices and meets. Continued disruption of practices/meets will be grounds for dismissal.


Athletes are responsible for their meet entries. I will go over the entry process at practice before the first meet as all entries must be done on-line. The deadline for most meet sign-ups is the Thursday prior to the Saturday meet for that week. If we have more than 4 athletes signed up for a relay team, we will have a “run off” to determine the relay team for that week.

The team will travel to out-of-town meets. The club does not provide transportation to the meets. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the meets. 3/16 ’’ track spikes are recommended for the meets, unless otherwise notified by the coaches.

Concession stands are available at most meets, however hotdogs, hamburgers and nachos are not recommended for the athletes. A healthy diet and adequate sleep prior to meet day and on meet day are highly recommended.

For a schedule of meet dates and locations see schedule.